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Mobile Business

More businesses are expanding their businesses to incorporate mobile technologies as a way of reaching users and capturing leadership in their market segment. DX Wave provides elegant and cost effective solutions for your demanding business needs. Our team of experts seek to understand your challenges and offer you the state of the art mobile solutions and services.

Developing your strategy

A mobile strategy can give a new frontier and possibilities to interact with your customers like never been before, rebuild your business processes and to stay a step head of the game. Your investment on mobile technologies, whether be it apps or back-office content management systems, should be built around a strategic and long-term approach. We can help you understand the key factors behind your mobile business decisions that you have to make. Therefore, it is extremely important to consider them with the help of our experts who has global knowledge and experience.

Application Development

Whether you have a new cool app idea or mobilise your business, DX Wave can develop tailor made mobile applications to suite your business needs. Push the limits of communication and take your business to the next level by incorporating social media into your applications. Let them engage, get them Mocialise, make your brand visible and increase your figures.

Mobile Publishing

End-to-end content publishing solutions are not far away. We can offer you a variety of solutions which will get you started publishing your magazines, newspapers, blog, web sites, audio and video.

Marketing & Advertising

DX Wave provides effective marketing & advertising solutions. Spread your message out there to the right context and to the right people. Draw more customers, interact and establish connection with your customers, increase your sales.

Web Site and Content Management Systems

DX Wave offers an overlay platform which helps build web site and management your content easily. The platform also well integrates with your mobile solutions.

Consultancy & Expert Advice

As well as providing essential application development services, we also offer a wide range of expert services ranging from project tender evaluations, requirements analysis, technology trend surveys to project management. We can easily integrate into any project to perform for the required tasks. Our clients hire us to evaluate their business and to thoroughly investigate what innovation can be done using next generation mobile technologies.

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